Provost Douglas Dodds

Douglas Dodds is the Provost of Stirling. Since taking office, his support and commitment to the Guardians of Scotland Trust, has mirrored Sculptor Malcolm Robertsons vision of his 'Brothers in Arms' Sculpture. Describing his winning Artwork, Malcolm Robertson said: "I felt the need to steer away from conflict with this design, even though it is based around a battle. It's about building bridges and the common endeavour of the two men and the way they came together in order to get a job done."

Douglas said; "As the new Elected provost of Stirling it gives me great pleasure to be a trustee of the Guardians of Scotland. Be a part of an historic organisation. The lighting up the bridge will mark such an historical event. It’s important that the Stirling Council support the Guardians of Scotland to promote the history of the Battle Of Stirling Bridge and what it represents."

Douglas has offered the hand of friendship and given the warmest of welcomes to all involved with the Guardians of Scotland Trust. I'm sure Wallace and De Moray, standing on the Abbey Craig, would be proud of his support for the Trusts Vision. Thank you Provost.