Steven Hughes

Steven Hughes, a Fifer, lives in Bannockburn. Stevie joined the Trust in 2022. He works for Stirling Council as a Residential Childcare Worker covering illness and holidays. Working part time affords Stevie the opportunity to devote time to his love of Stirling and Scotland. Along with his dog Molly (it was really Molly's idea), they set up Freedom Tour Today to welcome visitors to Bannockburn and Stirling. Stevie wanted to welcome visitors, give them a warm hug, thank them for remembering our great heroes from Bannockburn and Stirling Bridge and wish them safe passage onwards as they travel around Scotland and beyond. All ticket sales from their Stirling Bridge Tour in 2023 will be donated to the Guardians of Scotland Trust. Stevie has also produced a unique, limited edition Brother in Arms T-Shirt and Hoodie with profits going to the Guardians of Scotland Trust.

Stevie and Molly are the unofficial Stirling Welcome Team spending many a day off wandering up to Stirling Castle and chatting to visitors about Stirling. At the Castle esplanade he points out the Auld Brig and Battlefield and tells the story of the battle.

Stevie says: 'The Brothers in Arms Memorial Sculpture gifts Stirling an opportunity to remember all those who fought, died and survived on both sides at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. There are over 20 memorials and statues to William Wallace around the World and none for his Co-Commander, Andrew de Moray. Stirling has an opportunity to put that right at the spot where Moray's fatal wound was inflicted. In completing the memorial sculpture, we can educate our children and adults about our often forgotten history. More importantly this new landmark will help us welcome the world and open visitors' eyes to our amazing history and culture that goes way beyond Braveheart. By building the Brothers in Arms Memorial Sculpture at Stirling Bridge, we can put Stirling on the map as a must visit travel destination.

My vision for Stirling is that it becomes the most welcoming city / area in Scotland. By the time the sculpture is finished, in let's say 2025, those who call Stirling their home will know of Andrew de Moray and his story. And just as important, Stirling will have put in place an Official Welcome Team to Welcome the World. Now that's a story worth sharing and local people, businesses and visitors will all benefit'. #welcome #bekind #thankyou #safepassage.