Ted Christopher

Ted Christopher, Vice Chair, was born and raised in Stirling, where he ran a retail music business (Roadshow Music) for 38 years. He is a professional Scottish singer/songwriter /guitarist, performing worldwide and known for his local and national charitable work.

Ted is the person who first of all had the idea to set up a Trust in order to create a joint commemoration to Andrew de Moray and William Wallace. He next contacted the then Provost of Stirling, Fergus Wood, and Dr Elspeth King, Director of the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum, with proposals to fittingly mark and realise the tourist potential of the site of the Battle of Stirling Bridge,1297.

Ted says:

"I am delighted that the Trust contains members from across the political spectrum who have the vision to see the undoubted advantages of our charitable aims. This project helps to highlight Stirling in this modern age, as a historic centre in Scotland and of the UK. In my view, there isn’t another comparable project opportunity in the area this time. It is my opinion that Stirling has been negligent before now, in not commemorating Andrew de Moray beside William Wallace. It is very important to educate all that Wallace did not win the Battle of Stirling Bridge alone. It is my firm belief that history should be openly presented with as much information as we might honestly know about our past, and this project running to its completion will only result in benefits. Enhancing Stirling Bridge with new lighting, and creating new public artwork will boost the local economy, bringing Stirling and Scotland increased tourism. Importantly, this project will also offer new educational and potentially work opportunities, for local people."